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Service Policy
.: This is the most important part of this business. Apart from having the best products, After Sales Service program must be reliable, suited to each customer need and take the shortest time both for response time and repaired time as well.
.: As we mentioned before, our service policy is we provide.
.: “ 7 days a week, 16 hours a day ”
.: We are quite flexible to design our service program according to our customers’ requirement.
.: Our experienced and well-trained staff with good maintenance facilities will be available 16 hours.
.: So, we can design after sales service programs as your need and your satisfaction.
Service Program


.: Example for current service program:
.: On-site service.
.: Help desk 8:00 – 24:00 hrs
.: Service Directly or thru SI, VAR and Dealer.
.: Spareparts spare at SI, VAR and Dealer for emergency response.
.: Special price unit(s) as spare unit(s) for end-user.
.: Provide spare unit(s) during repair the broken unit.
.: Outside Capital city and metropolitan service program.
.: Maintenance contract after warranty period.
.: Labor, Spare part can be combined or separately.
.: Mixed program.
.: The above service programs can be applied to any customers according to the need of each customers, budget, quantity unit and etc. we realize that after sales service is almost the first question after product quality and specification questions from end-users. So we know the right and proper way to make end-user satisfaction and appreciation for your services thru our support.
Service Today


.: Base on ISO 9001:2000
.: We have call center to be help desk service.
.: Concludtion the result by Call Center System.
.: Remote on live to solve the problem for customers.
.: On site service with in 4 hours.
.: Prepare sparepart by analysis the problem before going out to service.
.: “Customer Service Form” for customize the satisfaction of customer.
.: “Service and experience from us.We same that we support and satisfaction all customers by quality and trust.”
Delivery Service


.: Delivery Service in Bangkok Province by our own truch for up country by local transportation with in one day.
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